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The 12 Best Korean Subscription Boxes To Get in 2021

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Bring a bit of South Korea into your home with one of these amazing Korean subscription boxes! Whether you’re into K-beauty, Kpop, Korean food, or Korean culture in general, there is a subscription box out there to fulfill your dreams!

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Inspire Me Korea

If you are looking for a box that opens the door to South Korea – this is it! This box allows you to experience a piece of South Korean culture every month. From the design of the box to the contents, you can tell the creators of this box are all about the details.


What’s inside? This box is great because you can find items of all sorts inside; from snacks, and Korean merchandise, to skincare and a culture magazine to help you learn more about the land of the morning calm.


Who is it for? That being said, the Inspire Me Korea subscription box is perfect for anyone interested in Korea and eager to learn more about all different aspects of Korean life and culture.


Price: Plans as low as $13.75

Korean Mask Box

Everyone loves Korean sheet masks! This Korean subscription box is perfect for all K-beauty fans. If you want to try the best sheet masks directly from Korea, this box is definitely perfect for you. What’s also great about the Korean Mask Box is that they offer free worldwide shipping with a tracking number within around 5-10 working days.


What’s inside? You will find a selection of carefully curated Korean face masks in this monthly subscription box. You can choose between two box sizes: 5 masks (1 of each type) or 10 masks (2 of each type).


Who is it for? K-beauty fans and skincare fanatics are going to be very happy with this Korean subscription box.


Price: Plans as low as $18.95 / month

Korean Snack Box

Who doesn’t love a box full of delicious snacks? This is exactly what you will get with this Korean Snack Box. Inside, you will find a selection of the best Korean snacks and candy every month! This box is ideal to broaden your horizons and educate your taste buds. Choose between two sizes: medium and large.


What’s inside? Some of the tastiest, most popular, high-quality snacks from Korea including candy, jellies, chocolate, cookies, caramels and chips!


Who is it for? Anyone who is looking to try something new – because some Korean snacks are absolutely wild!


Price: Plans as low as $32.95 / month


Here’s another premium K-beauty box straight out of Korea. BomiBox is your gateway to the best skin you’ve ever had. What’s great about this box is that the products are suitable for all skin types and the subscription includes free U.S. shipping.


What’s inside? Receive eight full and deluxe sample-sized Korean Beauty skincare and beauty products delivered right to your door.


Who is it for? People who are into trying new skincare products hailing from South Korea are going to love this Korean subscription box.


Price: Plans as low as $39.00 / month

The K-Beauty Box

This Korean subscription box is ideal for those new to K-beauty. The box offers Korean favorites for your daily skincare routine. If you are new to Korean skincare, the K-Beauty Box will allow you to discover products from the top Korean K-beauty brands and figure out the kind of products that work for you.


What’s inside? You’ll get full sized moisturizers, emulsions, cleansers, serums, anti-aging creams, eye creams, sheet masks and more in every box.


Who is it for? This box is ideal for K-beauty newbies who are just discovering the world of Korean skincare and beauty.


Price: Plans as low as $38.95 / month

Piibu Box

Piibu Box brings you the best and latest Korean face masks straight to the door! From black charcoal and milk to aloe vera and lotus – this box contains a fantastic variety of sheet masks that’s hard to find elsewhere.


What’s inside? Each box contains between 6 and 10 face masks from the hottest skincare brands in Korea.


Who is it for? Anyone who’s looking to discover what’s hot and new in Korea in the sheet mask realm.


Price: Plans as low as $18.00 / month

Beauteque Monthly

Beauteque Monthly brings to you two different subscription options: the Beauty Box and the Mask Maven. The box contains six full-sized items including skincare, makeup, body/hair care, beauty tools, and more. The second option is exclusively centered around mask sheets and brings you nine different masks ranging from sheet masks to sleeping packs and everything in between.


What’s inside? The beauty box contains six full-sized items including skincare, makeup, body/hair care, beauty tools, and more, while Mask Maven offers nine different masks ranging from sheet masks to sleeping packs.


Who is it for? The two subscription options make this Korean subscription box a total hit among all kinds of people.


Price: Plans as low as $13.00 / month


Here’s a K-beauty subscription box that you can customize to your skincare needs. The first PinkSeoul box you order is filled with customized skincare basics to set you up on your new skincare journey. Choose your skin type and area of focus when you sign up to make sure you are getting exactly the products that you need.


What’s inside? Each box contains a minimum of four full-sized products, an accessory item and two mask products.


Who is it for? People with specific skin needs that want to receive a customized skincare routine.


Price: Plans as low as $39.95 / box


Yes, another K-beauty subscription box – but here’s what’s different: FaceTory offers three different plans: 4-Ever Fresh, 7 Lux and K-Glow. All items in each box are handpicked by the FaceTory Team, to ensure everyone receives the best and most innovative products at an affordable price.


What’s inside? The 4-Ever Fresh Kit  is an entry level plan for K-Beauties who are new to sheet masks. 7 Lux offers seven luxurious sheet masks and 1-2 bonus items. K-Glow contains between five and six skincare products and the same amount of mask sheets.


Who is it for? People looking for an all-rounder box with different size options.


Price: Plans as low as $11.90 / month


This fabulous snack box is not only limited to Korean snacks but also includes delicious items from other Asian countries, including Japan, Thailand, and China. What’s absolutely amazing about ASIAN Snack Box is that it combines popular store snacks with handmade snacks from street markets across Asia. 


What’s inside? 25 Asian Snacks ranging from durian chips & candy, milk tablets, chips, and more.


Who is it for? Anyone looking to try some of the most popular Asian snacks with unique flavors that are hard to come by outside of Asia.


Price: Plans as low as $28.33/month

Mood for Noods

Asian cup noodles are popular all around the world. If you are among the noodle fans, Mood for Noods is a box you have to try. With this subscription box, you will receive the most scrumptious types of instant noodles from all over Asia.


What’s inside? 4 different noodle brands in each box, plus a small FREE item in each box.


Who is it for? Curious cup noodle lovers of all ages eager to try their way through the vast world of Asian noodles.


Price: Plans as low as $21.33/month

Meine Prints und Postkarten

Ich habe meine liebsten Reisefotos in Prints und Postkarten verwandelt. In meinem Shop könnt ihr euch alle Postkarten, Prints und auffälligen Stadtkarten ansehen.

  • Map of Seoul High Quality Digital Print

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  • Map of Busan High Quality Digital Print

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  • Korean Alphabet Hangul Print

    Korean Alphabet Hangul Print High Quality Digital Print

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  • Year of the Dragon – Chinese Zodiac Lunar New Year High Quality Print

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  • Uri Jib Home Sweet Home High Quality Print

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