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7 Must-Try Flavors You Can Only Find At Baskin Robbins In Korea

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While people generally try to avoid international franchises when they are abroad in order to try something they don’t get back home, some international franchises actually have things on the menu that you can’t find back home. One example is Baskin Robbins in Korea. The American ice-cream franchise has more than 8,000 stores in 50 countries worldwide – and many of them have unique flavors that aren’t sold elsewhere!

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Here are 7 must-try flavors you can only find at Baskin Robbins in Korea.

Updated in January 2022


While the Korean name literally translated to “My mom is an alien”, this delicious ice-cream combines three types of chocolate (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate) in one delicious scoop! This flavor has been on the menu at Baskin Robbins in Korea for a long time and is a safe staple.


If you like matcha green tea and chocolate, this flavor is going to be one of your must-tries! Chocolate Forest was the winner of the 2014 ice-cream contest, which allowed people to create their own flavors and vote for their favorite. Chocolate Forest has been on the regular menu of Baskin Robbins in Korea ever since.


This flavor is absolutely delicious with almond brittle, mascarpone cheese and honey. If you prefer natural flavors over some of the more crazy varieties, you should definitely give Honey Cheese Trap a try.


Chunks of delicious cheesecake mixed into a blueberry-strawberry base makes this fruity flavor. Twinberry Cheesecake is the perfect balance of fruit and cheesecake, making the flavor not too rich.


Ever since this flavor came out as a monthly special, it’s been my favorite and is now part of the regular menu at Baskin Robbins in Korea. This flavor is basically a mix of black sesame and injeolmi (traditional Korean rice cake), making it a truly Korean delight. On top of that, there’s bits of rice cake and pecans, too!



Another flavor I highly recommend trying at Baskin Robbins in Korea is Good Luck. nougat lovers are going to love this ice-cream flavor! The nougat base comes with crunchy caramelized almonds and delicious syrup.


This colorful flavor is the counterpart to “My mom is an alien” and consists of two kinds of strawberry ice-cream and vanilla ice-cream. Crunchy pink chocolate balls make for an interesting taste adventure in your mouth!

Monthly Flavors at Baskin Robbins in Korea

Just like in the United States, Baskin Robbins in Korea also releases a new special flavor every month. This “Flavor of the Month” is usually only available for that specific month. However, if the flavor is extremely popular, it is added to the regular selection.

Here is a list of the recent “Flavors of the Month” from Baskin Robbins in Korea:

May 2022: Pika Pika Pikachu, 피카 피카 피카츄

April 2022: Alien in Love, 사랑에빠진 외계인

March 2022: Oreo Cookies n’ Strawberry, 오레오 쿠키 앤 스트로베리

February 2022: Ice Loacker, 아이스 로아커

January 2022: Kellogg’s Frosties, 콘푸로스트

December 2021: Godiva Ice Chocolate

November 2021: Cheese Forest, 치즈나무 숲

October 2021: Sweet Potato, 치즈고구마구마

September 2021: 찰떡콩떡

August 2021: 아이스 꼬북칩

July 2021: Honey Banana Mango 꿀바망

June 2021: Over the Rainbow

May 2021: Ice Home Run Ball, 아이스홈런볼 

April 2021: Mincho BonBon, 민트초코봉봉

March 2021: Ice Honey Butter Almond, 아이스허니버터아몬드 

February 2021: Ice Milka Chocolate, 아이스 밀카 초콜릿

January 2021: 우낀소(우유속에 끼인 소보로)

2020 Monthly Flavors

December 2020: 아이스 촉촉한 초코칩

November 2020: Ice Hotteok, 아이스 호떡

October 2020: Steamed Potato Ice-cream, 미찐 감자

September 2020: Mashups, 매시업스 시리얼

August 2020: BORA BORA 보라보라, BTS collaboration

July 2020: Pengsu A-Choux-Cream 펭수 아슈크림

June 2020: Almond BonBonBon 아몬드 봉봉봉

May 2020: Fantastic Troll 판타스틱트롤 & Ice Lemona 아이스레모나

April 2020: Ice Banana Kick, 아이스 바나나킥

March 2020: Lotus Biscoff Ice-cream, 로투스 비스코프 아이스크림

February 2020: Ice Kit Kat, 아이스 킷캣

January 2020: Kiri Cream Cheese, 우리끼리

2019 Monthly Flavors

December 2019: Ice Choco Pie, 아이스 초코파이

November 2019: Oreo Cookies ‘n Cream Cheese, 오레오 쿠키 앤 크림치즈

October 2019: Papa & Daugther Ice Cream, 아빠는딸바봉

September 2019: Ssal Tteok Ice Cream, 쌀떡궁합

August 2019: Simpson & Banana, 심슨에반하나

July 2019: Pink Star, 핑크스타

June 2019: Black Sorbet, 블랙소르베

May 2019: Ice Jollypong, 죠리퐁

April 2019: Strawberry Avocado, 스트로베리아보카도

March 2019: Berry Granola, 베리그래놀라

February 2019: Hershey Macadamia Nut, 허쉬마카다미아넛

January 2019: Gul Gul Honey, 꿀꿀허니

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Baskin Robbins Bingsu

In May 2020, Baskin Robbins Korea introduced their first-ever bingsu (Korean shaved ice) selection. According to a post on their Facebook and Instagram pages, three kinds of bingsu are available: Rainbow Sherbet and Mango, Dalgona Ice Flake and Original Red Bean Ice Flake.

The bingsu desserts are only available at select stores.

100 Flavours – Baskin Robbins Brown Cheongdam

Baskin Robbins lovers will be obsessed with this flagship store in Seoul’s Gangnam district. The fancy ice-cream café has 100 Baskin Robbins flavors on offer – the regular 31, plus past favorites from “flavors of the month” and other special editions.

The shop also sells unique cakes and other desserts like cake pops and different types of the popular ice-cream mochi.

A popular option is the ice-cream sampler, where you can pick 10 different flavors for 14,500 KRW.

Adresse: 327 Dosan-daero, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8AM to 11PM
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Discounts and Specials for Baskin Robbins in Korea

There are a lot of ways you can get a discount at Baskin Robbins in Korea. For example, if you are a KT member, you actually get 40% off a pint. Happy Points rewards are another way to save money at Baskin Robbins in Korea. Earn points with purchases from many stores in Korea and then use the points to save!

On the 31st of every month, you can get a special “Baskin Robbins Day” deal. On this day, you can size up from family to half-gallon for free! Of course, there’s no Baskin Robbins Day in months that don’t have 31 days.

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