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How To Book Your Free Korea Transit Tour

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Incheon Airport near Seoul in South Korea continues to impress on an international level and win awards year after year for being among the best airports in the world. This is largely due to the convenient and tasteful design, impeccable service and plentiful facilities. For example, there is a Korean culture center, a museum showcasing Korean artifacts; plus: if you have a long layover in Seoul, you can even book a free Korea transit tour – and here’s how! 

If you have a long layover and want to leave the airport and explore Seoul on your own accord, check out these helpful articles:

Things To Know Beforehand

Terminal 1


Terminal 2


Free Korea Transit Tours at a Glance

There are a total of 9 different transit tours available leaving from Incheon Airport and taking passengers back to the airport after the tour has ended, ranging from 1 to 5 hours in tour length. Check out all tour options below.

Tradition Tour – 5 hours

Gyeongbokgung der Hauptpalast ist.

Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung was the first royal palace built in the Joseon Dynasty and is considered one of the greatest tourist attractions in South Korea today.

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This is a very popular part of Seoul and also one of the oldest districts in the city. There is a lot to do in Insadong: You will find dozens of antique shops, folk art galleries and small shops selling traditional items in this neighborhood.

Shopping Tour – 5 hours


If you are a shopping lover, Myeongdong is a must-go-to destination, filled with shopping centers, boutiques and duty-free stores. This is also a great place to stock up on Korean skincare and make-up products!

Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun is one of the largest traditional markets in South Korea. This is the perfect place to try Korean snacks, drinks and purchase some traditional items, such as handcrafted paper art or small souvenirs.

Temple 1 Tour – 4 hours

Jeondeungsa Temple

Considered to be the oldest temple in Korea, Jeondeungsa Temple was built in the ate 4th century when Buddhism was first introduced to Korea. The main buddha hall of the temple is a national treasure and a must-see when visiting.

Deokjinjin Fortress

This fortress was a strategic defense point for the outer castle wall during the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392). Deokjinjin Fortress was also an important site for several battles, such as the French Invasion (1866) and the American Invasion (1871).

Temple 2 Tour – 4 hours

Jogyesa Temple

Jogyesa is the main temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism and considered the center of Korea’s modern Buddhist movement. Various important Buddhist festivals take place at Jogyesa Temple during the year.

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Cheonggyecheon Stream

Once a small watercourse hidden by an overpass, Cheonggyecheon Stream is an important part of downtown Seoul today. With a 600-year-old history, the Seoul government decided in recent year to undertake a massive urban renewal project.

Industry Tour – 4 hours

Gwangmyeong Cave

This cave used to be a gold mine from 1955 to 1972. Today, it’s considered a historic place preserving the modernization of Korea after its independence from Japanese colonialization. 


Entertainment Tour – 2 hours

Paradise City Art-Tainment

As the first Korean-style resort complex in Northeast Asia, Paradise City has a lot to offer. Visitors can enjoy a variety of entertainment and culture experiences, including casino games, a club, an art gallery and retail facilities. The art gallery showcases over 2,700 artworks from world-renowned artists, including Yayoi Kusama and Damien Hirst.



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Incheon City Tour – 2 hours

Songdo Hanok Village

The term Hanok refers to traditional Korean houses made of wood. The Hanok Village in Songdo features several stores, restaurants and a hotel.

Songdo Central Park

A green oases in the middle of futuristic skyscrapers in Songdo, this park is a great place to experience Korea’s mix of old and new.

Triple Shopping Street

This splendid shopping walkway offers a lot of things to see, things to eat and things to enjoy. Do some shopping and try local Korean food.

Sea & Shopping Tour – 2 hours

Incheon Airport Maglev Train

Fancy a ride on the world’s first urban maglev train? You can try it out right at Incheon Airport. An experience you don’t want to miss!

Eurwangni Beach

Because of its beautiful white sand and gentle slant, this beach is a popular place to hang out throughout the whole year and famous for camping and shellfish.

Lotte Mart

This discount store and hypermarket is a great place to shop for local food, groceries, household supplies, appliances and much more with a global refund scheme for tourists.

Seaside Tour – 1 hour

Eurwangni Beach or Masian Beach

This tour either stops at Eurwangni or Masian Beach near the airport. Both beaches are popular among locals to hang out throughout the whole year and famous for camping and shellfish BBQ.

Take Advantage of Free Korea Transit Tours

Whether you have a short or a long layover, it’s definitely worth checking out one of the free Korea transit tours at Incheon airport. This gives you a chance to see a little bit of South Korea during your long-haul flight. 

Travel Insurance for South Korea

Ich bin immer wieder schockiert, wie viele Touristen keine Reiseversicherungabschließen.Eine Reiseversicherung gehört für mich zur Grundreisevorbereitung, genauso wie mein Flugticket oder eine Hotelbuchung.

Although Korea is very safe, unexpected disasters, accidents or other kinds of damage can always happen.

Eine angemessene Versicherungsdeckung ist daher unbedingt zu empfehlen. Eine Reiseversicherung beinhaltet nicht nur medizinische Versorgungen (wenn man krank wird oder sich den Fuß bricht, zum Beispiel), sondern eine Reiseversicherung schützt auch dann, wenn einem zum Beispiel die Kamera gestohlen wird, der Flug gestrichen wird oder man durch eine Naturkatastrophe irgendwo fest sitzt.

Kurz gesagt, eine Reiseversicherung schützt gegen alle möglichen Szenarien, die beim Reisen auftreten können - und kann sogar dein Leben retten!

You can also select more than one country, if you’re going on a multi-country trip.

BUCHEN | Ich empfehle die World Nomads Reiseversicherung



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