Solgaheon Healing Café- Foot Baths & Tea in Bukchon

Solgaheon Healing Café: Foot Baths & Tea in Bukchon

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The day after hiking Bukhansan, the highest mountain within Seoul city, two of my friends and I visited the Solgaheon Healing Café. Not your ordinary teahouse, you can not only sip on delicious herbal teas tailored to specific ailments, but you can also soak your feet in a hot medicinal foot bath. Solgaheon (솔가헌) Healing Café is the perfect place to relax and unwind in the middle of Seoul.

Solgaheon Healing Café- Foot Baths & Tea in Bukchon

About Solgaheon (솔가헌)

Solgaheon Healing Café is a medicinal teahouse located in a beautiful pinewood Hanok house in Bukchon, Seoul. The café’s pinewood interior boosts the immune system making it a true healing oasis. Healing rooms are available for an hourly rent and are equipped with red clay tiles emitting far-infrared rays and anions. This stimulates blood circulation and eliminates toxins from the body. Solgaheon also offers the so-called moxa cautery treatment, whereby various herbs and plants are burnt on particular points on the body. This energizes the Chi improving overall body health, especially ailments in the lower body.

Herbal Tea and Korean Snacks

While enjoying one of the many relaxing services at Solgaehon Healing Café, you should definitely explore their healthy food options. One of their most popular dishes is their so-called “well-being detoxification pizza”. The dough is made of super grains and topped with oats, lentil beans, and fruit. This combination helps flush toxins and heavy metals out of the body. Diet cookies made of super grains and nuts are also a popular item on the menu.

What we were most excited about, however, were the many different teas available at the café. Solgaheon offers 10 different kinds of Korean medicinal herb teas each offering a unique health benefit to target your own body’s needs. Whichever tea you order, you always get a few bites of Korean snacks, such as pumpkin seeds, dried jujube and ginseng cookies.

Solgaheon Healing Café- Foot Baths & Tea in Bukchon

As we had been hiking Bukhansan the day before, I chose Boshin tea. This type of tea is ideal when you are lacking strength in legs or experience weakness in the lower body area. Next time, I’ll be sure to try some other varieties, such as the Saengki tea (for fatigue, to revitalize) or Chaegam tea (when body feels heavy or swollen). You can find a tea for almost everything, including insomnia, mental anxiety, muscular skeletal strength, tired eyes or cold hands and feet. Most of the Korean herbal teas cost 10,000 KRW including snacks.

Solgaheon Healing Café- Foot Baths & Tea in Bukchon Solgaheon Healing Café- Foot Baths & Tea in Bukchon

Medicinal Foot Baths

Foot bathtubs made of cypress pine and moxa vaporizer of white gold are available for use both inside and outside. We decided to enjoy the beautiful Hanok courtyard area outdoors. You can choose between two types of herbal medicine for your foot bath: for cold feet or for warm feet. Both types of medicine are poured in 45-degree hot water.

Once you place your feet in the water, blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated for 20 minutes. You are also welcome to drink your tea while enjoying the foot bath at the same time. The Korean medicinal foot baths are 10,000 KRW per person.

Solgaheon Healing Café- Foot Baths & Tea in Bukchon

Solgaheon Healing Café- Foot Baths & Tea in Bukchon

Solgaheon Healing Café- Foot Baths & Tea in Bukchon

Get revitalized at Solgaheon Healing Café

I have to say that the healing properties of both the tea and the foot bath have done wonders for my aching feet after hiking Bukhansan. The next day, my legs didn’t hurt anymore and my muscles were nice and relaxed. I will definitely be back at Solgaheon Healing Café and try out more of their amazing treatments.

Adresse: 54 Jahamun-ro Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea서울 종로구 자하문로 54 | Gyeongbukgung Station, Exit 3

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 11:00am ~ 9:00pm; Sunday: 1:00pm ~ 9:00pm (Closed: Chuseok and Seollal)

Telephone: 02-738-3366


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Solgaheon Healing Café- Foot Baths & Tea in Bukchon


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