my blogging journey

300th Post: My Blogging Journey

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It’s really crazy looking back on this incredible blogging journey. Back in 2013, when I had just come back from living in Guangzhou for a 6-month internship, I did something that would forever change my life. I started writing about my experience living in China. Never could I have imagined this blog would become what it is today.

my blogging journey

My first blog post was published on July 11, 2013 and looks a lot different than my recent blog posts. Not only has my style changed but also the content of my blog. I started writing about my experience in China but have now also built up a wide range of different posts on South Korea, other Asian countries and even places in Europe!

Without further ado, here is a list of my best and most memorable posts out of the 300 posts I’ve published so far during my blogging journey in chronological order from earliest to latest:

5 Things I’ve Learned From Working In A Chinese Company

The Perks of Traveling as an Intercultural Couple

Do You Suffer From Cultural Fatigue?

5 Things I’ve Learned From Teaching English In China

5 Top Things To Do in Fukuoka

Why I Love Teaching in South Korea

Are you thinking about starting a blog? 

When I first started blogging I didn’t believe that people actually wanted to read what I had to say. I think the key to successful blogging is that you find a balance between personal things you share and content that is useful for others! And also good content is the basis for successful blogging. No matter what you think or what others say, if you’re thinking about blogging, just do it! You’ll be surprised how many people are interested in reading about other people’s lives 🙂

Thank You For Your Support

To all the reader of Linda Goes East, I’m more than thankful for all the support you have shown for my site and if you haven’t subscribed to the Linda Goes East newsletter, you can do so now and you’ll never miss out on new blog posts. 


Linda lebt seit 2012 in Asien und liebt es, ihre Reise- und Lebenserfahrungen auf ihrer Website zu teilen. Derzeit arbeitet sie im Online-Marketing und unterrichtet außerdem verschiedene Englisch- und Deutschkurse in Südkorea.

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  1. Veröffentlich von Rafiqua am Juni 8, 2016 um 2:44 pm

    congratulations on hitting 300! Now for 500! 😀

    • Veröffentlich von Linda am Juni 8, 2016 um 5:08 pm

      thanks girl! Yaaaay! hehe!

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