Photo Friday: One Night in Bangkok

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I wanted to start something creative on my blog and figured I could do a “Photo Friday” series! I will be posting one of my favorite shots that I took during travels or living abroad or from my home! Photography is a passion of mine and I also want to share the beautiful moments of life with you!

This first photo was taken in Bangkok in 2011 when I traveled through Thailand.

It was my first time in Asia and I think this photo is just so powerful! Thailand sparked my interest in Asia and I fully determined myself to study an Asian language and move to Asia in the future. This is why Thailand has a special place in my heart.



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What was your motivation to study an Asian language or move to Asia?

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Linda lebt seit 2012 in Asien und liebt es, ihre Reise- und Lebenserfahrungen auf ihrer Website zu teilen. Derzeit arbeitet sie im Online-Marketing und unterrichtet außerdem verschiedene Englisch- und Deutschkurse in Südkorea.

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  1. Veröffentlich von CL Lok am Januar 16, 2015 um 1:59 pm

    Modern city in black and white is supposed to look weird, but I think it works! Great photo!

    • Veröffentlich von Linda am Januar 17, 2015 um 5:20 am

      Thank you CL! I think the black and white really gives it a great touch 🙂

  2. Veröffentlich von Sarawackadoo am Januar 18, 2015 um 1:38 pm

    Beautiful picture! I’m going to Thailand, including Bangkok, during Spring Festival. Any suggestions on what to see?

    • Veröffentlich von Linda am Januar 22, 2015 um 6:08 am

      that’s great! You should definitely check out their beautiful temples and visit a floating market nearby!

  3. Veröffentlich von Timo am Januar 20, 2015 um 5:33 am

    It is really a great picture. My motivation to study Chinese? So I can communicate with my weird chinese family and also talk in this language to my son later 🙂

    • Veröffentlich von Linda am Januar 22, 2015 um 6:08 am

      perfect 🙂 That’s great motivation!

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