Kunming – The Best Place for a Chinese Immersion Program

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Let me introduce a fantastic destination for you to spend your summer vacation by taking a Chinese language immersion program in China – Kunming. Keats School provides a perfect Chinese language program for you to enjoy, and here are some reasons to prove Kunming is the best place to learn Chinese in China.

The mild weather in Kunming

The climate in Kunming is mild all year round, not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter. Located in the middle of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, with this mild climate, the four seasons are like spring. The temperature is just about 27 degrees Celsius throughout the whole summer. It is called “The Spring City,” where there are fascinating landscapes and a wide variety of plants and flowers because of its temperate climate.

Compared with other cities in China, Kunming is undoubtedly a summer sanctuary, and we all know that most cities in China are above 35 degrees in summer. Here, you can enjoy the pure blue sky and warm sunshine of summer without being bothered by the sweltering temperatures. This is also one of your top cities to visit in China to join a Chinese immersion program for Chinese learning.

Charming scenery in Kunming

Besides its climatic advantages, Kunming is also home to many attractive natural sceneries—lakes, old towns, magnificent mountains, etc. Cui Hu park in downtown Kunming city consists of 4 small sub-lakes linked by bridges in the traditional style.

The Lake was originally a water reservoir for the city. Brightly painted pavilions on the islands inside the park,tree-lined walks, flowers, and the local populace enjoying themselves by exercising in various specialist groups all add to the park’s appeal.

Apart from the brilliant scenery of the park, the Lake has large and small bookstores, cafes, beautiful handicraft stores, and old university sites around the Lake as if it comes with a cultural and historical heritage of this city.

Kunming’s long history and unique geological structure have left many cultural relics and scenic spots. Kunming is a developing international tourist city. It has formed a multi-functional tourist destination integrating natural scenery and ethnic customs.

If you want to travel while learning Chinese, a Chinese immersion program provided by Keats will ideally suit your needs. This program not only offers you professional Chinese language courses but also creates an immersive environment to learn Chinese.

Besides, the Chinese immersion programs include many activities that will take you on excursions to Kunming to experience Chinese culture and the real life of Chinese people.

Unique ethnic culture in Kunming

Yunnan is a multi-ethnic province with 36 ethnic minorities. There are three features of ethnic minorities in Yunnan. 

Diversity: Yunnan is one of the ethnic minority areas in China, with unique customs and cultural traditions. 

Colorful: Yunnan’s ethnic customs and cultures are characterized by colorful costumes, architecture, paintings, and handicrafts, displaying a solid ethnic flavor.

Ethnic Integration: Yunnan’s ethnic groups have interacted and integrated, creating a unique phenomenon of cultural intermingling, making Yunnan’s ethnic customs and culture more diverse.

Yunnan Ethnic Village, located in the southwest suburbs of Kunming City on the banks of the Dianchi Lake, covering an area of 89 hectares, is a window reflecting and displaying the social and cultural customs of the twenty-six ethnic groups in Yunnan.

There are dozens of villages of ethnic minorities in Yunnan Ethnic Village, which are covered with each other in green bushes, using the method of restoration and display to show Yunnan’s local customs and ethnic customs. You can enjoy the beautiful mountains and rivers of Yunnan Province and the splendid and colorful ethnic traditions of various ethnic minorities there.

This scenic spot is very beautifully and elegantly designed, showing the life of the ethnic minorities, with green plants everywhere and the attractions of the villages arranged in a staggered and peculiar style. (separate paragraphs)

Culture has always been a significant part for you to learn about a country. Kunming is a beautiful city for you to explore Chinese culture, a vast part of Keats’ Chinese immersion programs for learning Chinese.


Lower consumption level in Kunming

Compared with other provincial capitals, daily life expenses are much lower. For example, in Beijing and Shanghai, if you come for a Chinese immersion language program, just the cost of daily necessities and meals can take up much of the whole fee, not to mention outings or shopping.

However, Kunming’s basic infrastructure, shopping center, a wide range of Chinese restaurants, and authentic Western restaurants (if you’re not used to Chinese food) can provide you with the basics of life. A reasonable, hearty dinner costs only between RMB 30-80 (USD 4-11).

The city’s economic development may break your image of cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Therefore, choosing Kunming as the destination for a Chinese immersion course will be an excellent choice!

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