Top Reasons to Take Your Children to Cambodia

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Cambodia is a popular travel destination in Southeast Asia: despite being a small nation, it has everything to offer. A staggering display of culture and history as well as breathtaking natural beauty makes Cambodia a must-see destination, especially if you are traveling with your children. It’s small, affordable, and offers a wide range of activities. Moreover, Cambodia is safe to travel, ensuring a worry-free experience for visitors.

Accessibility: Enhancing Travel Opportunities in Cambodia

Cambodia is not as advanced as its neighbors Vietnam and Thailand, but this is not a disadvantage. There are two main international airports: Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Most international travelers will be required to transit via an alternate Asian hub. You may also need a visa depending on where you are traveling from — learn more about visa application here to make sure you get professional advice.

Adventures: Exploring Cambodia‘s Scenic Routes and Waterways

Cambodia is geographically small, so hiring a van or car with a driver may be one of the most convenient methods to get about. Hiring a comfortable rental improves the experience because many of the smaller roads are unpaved. There is a good rail system in Cambodia that connects the main tourist attractions. You could take the scenic route from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh on a ferry ride on Lake Tonle Sap. These ferry rides are beautiful and a welcome change from riding the bus, car, or rail. You can also go kayaking on this lake. 

Beaches and Mountains

The beaches in Thailand may be more well-known, but Cambodia also has its share of beautiful beaches for family visitors. The islands of Cambodia are highlights when it comes to unhurried beaches with tranquil waves with little else to do but swim and play. A variety of lodging options are available from modest beach huts to opulent resorts. The choice is yours as to what you and your family would like to experience. 

Additionally, Cambodia has numerous stunning national parks where the natural beauty is untouched. You must take time to experience the exquisite flora and animals of Cambodia. The most significant national park in Cambodia, Ream National Park, is home to a wide range of wildlife and ecosystems. The inhabitants of the reserve have modest lives with fishing as their major source of income. 

Kirirom (“happy mountain”) is a mountain plateau covered with natural vegetation. You can go on horseback rides, do bird watching, or trek along the nature-filled routes with a ranger. Bokor National Park is home to endangered species including the Indian elephant and the Asiatic black bear. You and your family can even spend the night on top of the mountain, as there are beds available in the ranger stations.

Guide to the Angkor Wat

Culture and Heritage

One of the main reasons why so many people travel to Cambodia is because of Angkor Wat, a 12th century temple. Families should take into account that Angkor is enormous and extends well beyond Angkor Wat. Exploring the less-frequented outer temples is a delight. However, younger children risk becoming “templed out” over time. Be sure to balance the interests of your family with their physical capabilities. Choose an admission permit that suits your needs. 

The people of Cambodia are proud of their beautiful country and are eager to share it with travellers. They are helpful and kind and display a positivity that is contagious. What better way to open your children’s eyes to the vibrant colors of different cultures than to visit Cambodia?

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