Suncheon Bay Top Things To Do

Suncheon Bay: Top Things To Do

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Suncheon Bay is one of the most visited ecological parks in South Korea. The region is dominated by a unique landscape made up of coastal wetlands, freshwater streams, tideland, vast fields of picturesque reeds, and unmatched wildlife. Suncheon Bay has a lot to offer, so where should you go first?

Here are the best things to do in Suncheon Bay.

I visited Suncheon as a 2020 Wellness Tourism Supporters from the Korea Tourism Organization. All opinions are my own.

How to get to Suncheon Bay

The bay area is located just south of the city of Suncheon itself. The city has a well-connected train station and intercity bus terminal, making it very easy to travel to and from Suncheon.

Getting to Suncheon Bay by Train

Suncheon Train Station is connected to other parts of Korea via the Jeolla Line. The trip by bullet train from Seoul takes a little over 3 hours to Suncheon. From the station, you can easily reach the nearby attractions in the area.

Getting to Suncheon Bay by Bus

You can also travel to Suncheon by express bus from across Korea. Depending on where you are leaving from, this journey will take significantly longer than the bullet train. I recommend taking the train for those coming from Seoul and other northern cities, while people traveling from other regions in Jeolla-do and other southern provinces might better take the bus.

Getting to Suncheon Bay by Car

I visited Suncheon by car. There are large parking areas at the different attractions around Suncheon, making a trip by car very convenient.

Suncheon Bay

What not to miss

The city of Suncheon is located in the southeastern corner of Jeollanam-do Province and is home to around 250,000 people. Gwangju is just an hour away, Yeosu a 40-minute drive, and Gwanyang is only 20 minutes away from Suncheon. Suncheon is also currently experiencing strong development due to being included as part of the Gwangyang Bay Free Economic Zone.

The main tourist attractions in Suncheon are the Suncheon Bay National Garden and the Suncheon Bay Wetlands Ecological Park, both of which are connected via a monorail system for continued tourism.

Suncheon Bay National Garden
Suncheon Bay National Garden
Suncheon Bay Ecological Park
Suncheon Bay Ecological Park

Suncheon Bay National Garden

My first stop on my Suncheon adventure was Suncheon Bay National Garden. The garden opened in 2014 as part of the 2013 Suncheon Garden Expo Korea.

It’s a huge garden and park area covering a plot of 1.12 million ㎢ and counts over 790,000 trees of more than 500 different species and 3.15 million flowers of over 100 different species.

On top of the beautiful flora and fauna, visitors can also enjoy a variety of different art installations, such as the beautiful Bridge of Dreams and monuments of Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and international architecture.

Address: 47, Gukgajeongwon1ho-gil, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do

Lake Garden

Walking through the entrance of Suncheon Bay National Garden, the first thing you will most likely come across is the beautiful Lake Garden.

This impressive area has been designed to represent the city of Suncheon; the spiral hills are Bonghwa and Haeryeong while the bridge represents the Dongchun river and the lake itself represents all the flat areas in the Suncheon region.

Suncheon Bay National Garden

Traditional Korean Garden

One of my favorite parts of the Suncheon Bay National Garden was the traditional Korean Garden. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know how much I love temples and palaces in Korea and all of Asia.

This Korean garden is truly beautiful and a replica of different palace gardens and pavilions of other historic areas in the country.

Suncheon Bay National Garden
Suncheon Bay National Garden
Suncheon Bay National Garden

Suncheon Bay Nature Reserve

Visitors can easily reach Suncheon Bay Nature Reserve directly from Suncheon Bay National Garden via the convenient monorail system called “Sky Cube” connecting the two attractions in only 10 minutes. A roundtrip ticket only costs 8,000 won.

Much to my surprise, Suncheon Bay Nature Reserve is smaller than the national garden – at least the areas you can reach as a visitor.

It all starts in the “base” area, where you can check out a museum and also grab some food at a restaurant.

You then continue out into the wetlands following a path leading through the beautiful reeds. To reach the viewpoint, you will have to do a bit of hiking up a hill – nothing too serious but I still recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

Definitely don’t skip the viewpoint. It was my favorite part of the whole area and you will be rewarded with amazing views.

Address: 513-25 Suncheonman-gil, Dosa-dong, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do

Suncheon Bay Nature Reserve
Suncheon Bay Nature Reserve
Suncheon Bay Nature Reserve
Suncheon Bay Nature Reserve

Where to stay in Suncheon

There are a couple of great options for staying in Suncheon – for all budgets!

Suncheon Bay

Worth a Visit?

Absolutely! I highly recommend visiting Suncheon Bay when you are looking for a beautiful getaway far away from the busy city. Especially nature lovers should put Suncheon on top of their travel bucket list.

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Suncheon Bay: Top Things To Do

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