8 Reasons to Learn Chinese Online with That's Mandarin

8 Reasons to Learn Chinese Online with That’s Mandarin

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Taking online lessons and learn something via virtual classrooms and platforms is easier than ever. That’s why I also recently started brushing up my Chinese via 1-on-1 online classes. Even though I had my doubts, it’s really super easy learn Chinese online with the platform NihaoCafe operated by That’s Mandarin Chinese language school.

Having studied Chinese with them online for a couple of weeks now, I’ve summarized 8 reasons to learn Chinese online with That’s Mandarin – and why you should do it too!

1. Easy-to-use Online Platform

With That’s Mandarin, you learn Chinese through their very own online platform called NihaoCafe. It both functions as your virtual classroom but is also a place where you can preview and review your classes, stay in touch with the teacher and get access to a vast learning database. It’s modern, it’s user-friendly, and it’s extremely convenient.

2. Unique Learning System

The school uses their own self-developed content for the Chinese classes. You won’t find this material in any other books, apps, or other schools. Some of my favorite features of the platform include:

  • Class notes: All information from your virtual whiteboard (aka all the things your teacher is writing during the class) is saved in the system and you can review the content at any time.
  • HSK: All videos from That’s Mandarin is HSK-graded and contains all the essential HSK vocabulary for levels 1-3.
  • Progress Tests: After you have learned all the vocabulary and grammar content of your lesson, you can test your progress with several exercises – always keeping you on track!
  • Lifetime Access: Your study portal with That’s Mandarin never expires. This means, even after you take your final lesson, you can still log into the database and have access to all the material.
  • Chinese Characters: There’s a character after each lesson focusing on the origins of all popular Chinese characters with the fun images to help memorize them.

3. Learn Chinese Online with Useful Materials

Before you start learning Chinese with That’s Mandarin, you have to complete a level test. The teacher will then prepare class content that is personalized to you and your language level. The biggest focus of the course is improving speaking skills and the ability to fluently communicate with Chinese speakers.

The course materials are up-to-date with the latest language that locals really use in their daily life. I especially like the vast video material. Unlike most video material you find, That’s Mandarin videos are with real professional actors and tell an interesting story. This helps me really dig deeper into Chinese language and culture with every new episode.

4. Native, Licensed Teachers

A very important aspect for any course (whether it’s online or face-to-face) are the teachers. That’s Mandarin only hires full-time teachers, who have all undergone extensive offline and online teaching trainings. My teacher Ping Ping majored in teaching Chinese and is teaching both online and face-to-face classes at the That’s Mandarin office in Shenzhen.

This ensures that the Chinese classes are of the highest quality and standard when it comes to language learning.

5. HSK-Graded Lessons

Are you looking to take an HSK test? The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, translated as the Chinese Proficiency Test used in China, is the standardized test of Standard Chinese language proficiency of China for non-native speakers such as foreign students and overseas Chinese.

The curriculum at That’s Mandarin is in sync with the current HSK level system and a great help for passing your exam! You can also tell your teacher what level of HSK you are aiming for and your teacher will tailor your lessons accordingly.

6. Student Experience Comes First

You can really tell that That’s Mandarin cares about their student and their learning experience. All teachers and course consultants basically become your mentors and friends and aim to help and encourage you every step of the learning journey. You can come to your teacher or course manager with any kinds of problems you might have and they will find a solution for you.

7. Excellent Value for Money

Learn Chinese online with 1-on-1 online Chinese classes starting at 168 RMB / USD 24.1 / EUR 21.3  per class. The more classes you sign up for, the cheaper the price! For example, if you buy 20 classes, the price for each one will be 300RMB, but if you buy 90 classes, the price will be just 210 RMB for a class.

To get the lowest rate of only 168 RMB per class, you have to purchase 60 classes with That’s Mandarin up front. At two Chinese classes a week, this will last you for nearly 7 months. If you schedule one class a week (that’s what I do), it will last you for more than a year!

Considering the vast teaching platform you get access to and the high-quality teacher pool they have, this is a real steal.

8. Flexibility in your studies

One of the reasons I started taking Chinese lessons with That’s Mandarin was the flexibility this way of learning offers me. You can study from anywhere at a time that suits your lifestyle.

If I am busy, I can simply let me teacher know (at least 1 day in advance) and reschedule the class. If I want to increase my study volume and take 2 classes a week (or more because of a test, for example), I can easily do so by speaking with my course coordinator.

Learning Chinese with That’s Mandarin perfectly fits into my busy lifestyle – which keeps me motivated and interested in the lessons. This, to me, is probably the most important reason.

Are you hesitating to study a 2nd language? Here are 5 reasons to learn Chinese today

  1. Global Importance: Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with over a billion native speakers. It’s a key language for business, diplomacy, and international relations.
  2. Economic Opportunities: China has a rapidly growing economy and is a major player in the global market. Knowing Chinese can open up job opportunities in various fields.
  3. Cultural Understanding: Learning Chinese can provide insights into Chinese culture, history, and traditions, allowing for better cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.
  4. Travel and Tourism: If you plan to visit China, knowing the language can greatly enhance your travel experience, from ordering food to interacting with locals.
  5. Communication: Learning Chinese allows you to communicate with a significant portion of the world’s population, both in China and in Chinese-speaking communities around the world.

Get a Free Trial Online Chinese Lesson!

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