Nepal Street Photography Tour in Kathmandu

Nepal Street Photography Tour in Kathmandu

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Going on a photography tour had always been a dream of mine. As an avid travel photographer, I always love to capture the atmosphere, and if you will, soul of a place. I got the opportunity to join a street photography tour in Kathmandu and learned so many new things that I will be able to use in my future photography. If you, too, enjoy photography, be sure to check out this photography in Kathmandu when you’re in town!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored tour by Backstreet Academy – all opinions are my own.

Street Photography Tour in Kathmandu

Capturing the vibrant culture of Nepal

The street photography tour in Kathmandu is for anyone wanting to improve their travel photography skills while exploring the vibrant chaos of Nepal. You’ll get the chance to explore parts of the city many tourists don’t generally venture into while getting professional tips on lighting, angles and subject selection.

If you don’t have your own DSLR camera, you can also rent one or a different lens for your camera for a small extra fee. This photography tour is great for beginners, professionals or people interested in photography with a smartphone.


Who’s the photography guide?

The street photography tour in Kathmandu is led by local photographer Ajay Maharjan. He focuses on travel, culture and a street photography. He loves to show travelers a new side of Kathmandu and help them in finding different places to photograph.

He’s won several Sony photography awards and has more than 6 years of professional photography experience.


Photography Tour in Kathmandu Overview

I started my photography tour in the morning at 7 AM. That’s when the streets of Kathmandu become full of life and the sunlight creates the best lighting conditions. Together with host Ajay, we roamed through the busy streets of Kathmandu between Asan and Thamel.
The photographer host will teach you basic photography techniques while focusing on the composition of a great photo. The street photography tour in Kathmandu takes you from Thamel to the local market Asan with countless photo opportunities to capture daily life of the shopkeepers and local buyers in Kathmandu. After Asan, you will be guided to the Kathmandu Durbar Square or Basantapur area to take pictures.
During the tour, host Ajay gives you helpful feedback on how to improve your shots while giving you freedom to shoot whatever your heart desires.

You’ll learn how to take better photos

Ajay’s feedback helped me to see a “scene” and be able to capture it with my camera in a way I often struggled with before. A great example was at the beginning of the tour when we stumbled upon a lady and her makeshift shop.

It was only after Ajay’s suggestion to squat down to get a different angle that I was able to capture the whole scene in order to tell the story of the lady and her shop.

This is how I shot the scene the first time; zoomed in too much and took the image from an upper angle.

This is how the shot came out after Ajay’s feedback and advice; capturing the whole scene.

Highlights of the Street Photography Tour in Kathmandu

I got so much more out of the street photography tour in Kathmandu than I could’ve imagined. I learned a lot of new things about photography and my camera that I did not know before; including the importance of RAW, what makes a good SD card, how to fine-tune my camera settings to maximize the outcome, and and and.

nepali woman sitting next to copperware in kathmandu
temple in kathmandu

Are you ready for your own Street Photography Tour in Kathmandu?

I truly enjoyed this street photography tour in Kathmandu and would certainly recommend it to anyone with an interest in photography. I learned so many new tricks that have immensely improved my travel photography, while exploring a fascinating city with an award-winning photographer.

This tour really pushed me to explore past my limits and get bolder with my photography all because of the feedback and suggestions from the lovely host Ajay.

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Nepal Street Photography Tour in Kathmandu

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