6 Advanced Pinterest Tips You Need To Know

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Pinterest is a powerful tool for social media marketers and the NUMBER ONE referral source for most successful bloggers out there (including myself). Most bloggers know a thing or two about pinning but to truly skyrocket your Pinterest success, you’ll need to take it one step further. I have spent a lot of time on Pinterest and done a ton of research what truly works and put together these six advanced Pinterest tips you need to know!

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6 Advanced Pinterest Tips You Need To Know

Pinterest is a Search Engine!

Here, I said it. Not many people realize this because it works quite differently from other search engines like Google, Bing, and Co. but, yes, Pinterest has evolved into a visual search engine. On Facebook or Instagram, you don’t search for recipes or makeup tutorials. On Pinterest, on the other hand, you most certainly would.

6 Advanced Pinterest Tips You Need To Know

Keep that in mind and you’ll slowly evolve your Pinterest strategy. If you understand that people are looking for information on Pinterest, you will be the one who can provide that information and a solution. A great idea is to do some searches on Pinterest on your own with a keyword, for example ‘Japan’, and see what people are looking for. Then, you can structure your posts and articles according to these topics.

Don’t Forget To Pin Other Users’ Content!

Pinterest is working hard in the interest of the consumer, not the brands and businesses (aka business accounts). While you are on Pinterest to grow your own brand, Pinterest is a community and a place for sharing ideas. That’s why it works best if you also include other people’s pins on your boards. Of course, you should always have a board showcasing only your content, but other boards should definitely include pins from other people as well. It will also help your boards grow faster when you pin awesome content from others! Plus, you can connect with fellow bloggers and find new inspiration for your own site!

6 Advanced Pinterest Tips You Need To Know

Include Infographics!

I especially recommend sharing infographics when pinning other people’s content. This type of image gets a lot of attention and, hence, repins. Your boards will also grow faster and get scored better, without a lot of click-throughs. If you can, you should also start making your own infographics or images that are similar to infographics, like my pin about exploring Seoul. This pin catapulted from zero to hero in a matter of months.

Tailwind Rocks!

There were days where the Pinterest algorithm was in the favor of all bloggers, small and big – but, boy, things have changed. Now, Tailwind is an absolute must if you are serious about growing your reach on Pinterest. Back in the early Pinterest days, you could easily see how many likes and, more importantly, re-pins, each of your pins had. The new Pinterest algorithm changed this and now, you can only see aggregate pin counts on your pins. However, Tailwind gives you exactly those stats back and you need them to know which pins (and boards) are doing well on Pinterest.

They also offer a free trial, so you can check it out before you commit to anything.

6 Advanced Pinterest Tips You Need To Know

Don’t Forget To Pin Manually Too!

Scheduling your pins via Tailwind and other platforms is great (and saves time), but Pinterest knows when you have pins scheduled via an external program. The platform also rewards users who actively pin content on their platform. A lot of big bloggers even hire VAs (virtual assistants) just for pinning – both scheduled pins but also actively pinning on Pinterest! This is serious business, folks! It doesn’t hurt to spend a couple of minutes a day to actually pin stuff using the good old-fashioned method on your laptop or smartphone.

Tip: Try to do this as a small routine every day: during your lunch break, in the afternoon with a cup of coffee or before you go to bed!

6 Advanced Pinterest Tips You Need To Know

Consistency is key!

While we all know consistency is key in Social Media Marketing (cue Instagram!), it works a little different for Pinterest. Again, the platform rewards users who pin consistently. This has nothing to do with a cohesive or consistent feed but with your engagement with the platform. Rather than randomly pinning 10 cat pins on a Monday morning, try to pin at the same time every day with the same external scheduler (plus a few extra ones manually). Do not use more than 2 schedulers and schedule them at different times if need be. I only use Tailwind.

6 Advanced Pinterest Tips You Need To Know

Get ready to grow your blog on Pinterest

If you are ready to get serious about growing your blog or business on Pinterest, these tips will definitely help you. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be patient and watch your Pinterest stats and you’ll see that curve go up.

Pinterest is the largest source of traffic for my blog and it is the reason that I have been able to earn some money on the side as well. You can do it too!

Tip: Also check out my resources page with all the tools you need to run a successful blog!

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