best chili crab

Where To Eat The Best Chili Crab in Singapore

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When I travel, I try as much local food as possible. That’s why in Singapore, I absolutely had to try the iconic Chili Crab. There are countless places that offer this savory Singaporean dish. However, when you ask a local where they serve the most delicious crab dish, the name JUMBO most certainly comes up first. You won’t be surprised that I, too, checked out JUMBO Seafood‘s signature Singaporean Chili Crab, the best Chili Crab in Singapore.

Here’s why you must eat Chili Crab At Jumbo Seafood in Singapore

best chili crab

What is Chili Crab?

A dish of true Singaporean origin, the Chili Crab combines flavors and cooking techniques of all the main ethnic groups of the country, Chinese, Malay, and Indian. Stir-fried mud crabs are cooked in a thick, tomato and chili-based sauce – but don’t worry, the dish is not that spicy at all. The story goes that in 1956, a couple selling food on a pushcart improvised with a crab recipe adding chili sauce creating the iconic Singaporean meal. Today, Singaporean Chili Crab has become so popular, that it was even listed as number 35 of the World’s 50 most delicious foods compiled by CNN Go in 2011.

best chili crab

What Is Jumbo Seafood?

In 1987, JUMBO Seafood put its own original twist on the Chili Crab recipe and quickly became the most successful restaurant serving the Singaporean dish in the country. Its popularity grew even far beyond Singapore’s borders with restaurants in Shanghai and Beijing. Its signature dishes, besides the award-winning Chili Crab, include Black Pepper Crab, Deep Fried Prawns with Cereal and Crispy-Fried Baby Squid. On top of that, the menu counts a variety of seasonal items.

How is the food?

Besides the Chilli Crab with Deep Fried Mini Buns, I also ordered their signature dishes Deep Fried Prawns with Cereal and Crispy-Fried Baby Squid, which arrived before the main dish. I never had baby squid before and was surprised that I liked the taste. Crispy and sweet, the dish was a great appetizer. I’m a big fan of prawns so I was very excited to try JUMBO’s Golden Salted Egg Prawns. They were cooked to perfection and the batter was crunchy, yet easy to bite. 

best chili crab

Deep Fried Prawns with Cereal

best chili crab

Crispy-Fried Baby Squid

I was excited when the star of the evening finally appeared on our table. A whole crab covered in delicious tomato and chili sauce was waiting for my taste buds and I quickly learned Singaporean Chili Crab etiquette. First, you take the bread, break it in half and dip it generously into the savory sauce. Then, you start eating the crab. I was surprised to learn that I had to use my hands to eat, which felt awkward at first in such a nice restaurant. However, I got soon used to the delicious messiness and enjoyed every bite of the flavorful crab. 

I recommend making a reservation as JUMBO is almost always full. If you don’t book your table in advance you’re going to have to wait for a while.

best chili crab

Chili Crab with Bread

Visit JUMBO Seafood For Chili Crab When In Singapore!

I can highly recommend JUMBO’s Chili Crab for its rich flavors and excellent service. I was pleasantly surprised about Singapore’s most famous fish. Be sure to visit one of the five outlets of JUMBO around Singapore or stop by their restaurant in Shanghai or Beijing!

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best chili crab


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