17 Unique Cafés in Asia To Visit in 2017

17 Unique Cafes in Asia To Visit

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Café culture has never been stronger. Who doesn’t love grabbing a cup of good old coffee while exploring a new destination? I love it even more so when I get to try local coffee blends or tea variations. If you are traveling Asia this year, be sure to cross off at least one of these places in this collection of Unique Cafés in Asia to Visit in 2017.

And here’s which ones you need to visit:

17 Unique Cafés in Asia To Visit in 2017

#1 Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

Who doesn’t love unicorns? I truly hope you do because this lovely café in the center of Bangkok will blow you away. Not only is it acceptable to act like a 5-year-old here but you also get to dress up like a unicorn and eat rainbow cake. What could possibly be better?

#2 MUM’s NOT HOME in Hong Kong

This unique space in Yau Ma Tei is so much more than just a unique coffee place. Fashion designer Chow Kong-Chuen and his partner Makui Ma travel the world in search of unique souvenirs to take back home to their café in Hong Kong. They also sell clothes, showcase art and host bands for live music events.

#3 La Moda Lounge in Shanghai, China

This unique florist cafe is located in Shanghai’s Jingan district and was founded by La Moda, the florist with creations used by fashion designer Vera Wang. While they offer teas and desserts during the day, La Moda Lounge transforms into a hip bar at night offering wine and sleek off-menu cocktails.


#4 Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe in Seoul, South Korea

Part of Korean fashion brand Style Nanda’s flagship store in Myeongdong, Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe truly is a girl’s dream. The cafe is located on the 5th floor of the enormous store and reminds you of a Barbie’s 1950s pool party.


#5 Café de l’Ambre in Tokyo, Japan

Open since 1948, this lovely café in Tokyo is still run by the same man who’s over 100 now. One of the oldest and best coffee places in the Japanese capital, Café de l’Ambre offers over 30 coffee varieties for all preferences and tastes. On top of that, the interior is super cozy and lets you unwind from the hectic streets filled with crowds.

#6 CUP Of TEA in Hanoi, Vietnam

This cute café is a surprising find amidst the chaotic streets of Hanoi. The drinks are delicious, especially the local Vietnamese coffee. On top of that, the café offers a relaxing atmosphere lovely flower decorations. When at CUP Of TEA, be sure to try the hot chocolate lava cake, orange choux, and Vietnamese style coffee or tea.


#7 Acacia Tea Salon in Yangon, Myanmar

Another lovely café where you can not only grab a fine cup of coffee but also amazing local tea. Acacia Tea Salon offers homemade cakes, macarons and more in a romantic setting. Other than amazing tea and impeccable service, Acacia Tea Salon also offers local Burmese food.

#8 Café Philo in Macau

Serious coffee lovers should head to Café Philo when in Macau. The professional baristas prepare high-quality coffee drinks in this peaceful area of Macau. Located right next to the famous Ruins of St. Paul as well as the Macao Museum, Café Philo is not hard to miss and should be on your itinerary when in Macau.

#9 The Curator in Manila, Philippines

This lovely café offers high-quality coffee during the day and cocktails at night. The Curator is tucked away from the hustle and bustle and offers a relaxing atmosphere to its guests. Board games and foosball also allow you to challenge your friends or meet new people.

#10 Takeout Drawing in Seoul, South Korea

Live music, art and good coffee – if that sounds like a great combination, head to Takeout Drawing in Seoul. The café features art pieces by local artists and is a hub for those seeking inspiration. Bring a good book, your laptop or simple paper and pencil, and Takeout Drawing will enable your current of creativity to flow.

#11 OMB (Oh My Bacon) in Singapore

Everything’s better with bacon, especially in Singapore. When in the city, head to OMB ‘Oh My Bacon’ and let the selection of bacon-inspired dishes blow you away. While you can get things like Salmon Fish Cakes, Carbonara and crispy fries with bacon here, be sure to go for the more quirky options on the menu. Highly recommended are bacon ice-cream, bacon sundae, or ‘Jekyll And Hyde’, bacon dipped in dark and white chocolate. Need I say more?

#12 Sister Srey Cafe in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Southeast Asian coffee is delicious but it’s even better when you can drink it and support a good cause. That’s why the two sisters Lauren and Cassie started Sister Srey Café in Siem Reap. The two girls make high-quality coffee while supporting local Khmer students in their community. Originally from Australia, the two came to Cambodia while traveling the world after graduating. The two train local Khmer students to become baristas and give them a brighter future.


#13 RIMBA’s Orchid Tea Lounge in Bali, Indonesia

In Asia, coffee and tea oftentimes go hand in hand, just like at the Orchid Tea Lounge at RIMBA in Bali. Offering an extensive selection of green, black, flavored, herbal, and oolong teas, visitors can experience Orchid’s Traditional Afternoon Tea daily from 2 to 5PM. Besides tea, you also get delicious fusion Balinese and Western dishes, such as fruit tartlets, sandwiches, and classic kue. On top of that, this teahouse is located in a beautiful glass and steel pavilion surrounded by hundreds of amazing orchids. It’s not hard to see why it’s one of the most unique cafés in Asia.

#14 Café de Laos in Luang Prabang, Laos

While this lovely coffee house in Luang Prabang, Laos, might not be the best place to visit as a budget traveler, real coffee connoisseurs will absolutely appreciate it. You get to choose between 12 different locally grown beans, that the café carefully selects. While you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere right across the street from Wat Sen, the baristas at Café de Laos freshly grind your local Lao coffee beans and present you a professional, local coffee.


#15 Barefoot Garden Cafe in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Referred to as a lush oasis in the heart of Colombo, the Barefood Garden Café truly does not disappoint. While the café does offer coffee and a variety of other beverages, it’s also a popular place to enjoy lunch. Some of the specialties include black pork curry or spinach quiche that are only served during lunch time. The best part is that this place is also a wonderful place to lounge with live jazz performances every Sunday.

#16 巢 Nido Café in Taipei, Taiwan

The minimalistic menu will not suit everyone but Nido Café’s true passion lies in dripping coffee which comes with a ‘no-question’ policy. In fact, the barista only asked you if you’d like your coffee hot or cold and he then takes it from there. You can also add milk to your coffee if you like. You best pair your beverage with one of the delicious homemade desserts. It’s no wonder why this place is one of the most unique cafés in Asia.

#17 Peking Café in Beijing, China

Located in one of Beijing’s most popular hutong areas, Nanluogu Xiang, this lovely café offers amazing views of the picturesque street from its rooftop. If you’re in Beijing and wander around Nanluogu Xiang (because who wouldn’t when in the city), don’t pass this wonderful location. The café is, in fact, part of a youth hostel with the same name. Even if you’re just here to have a quick coffee, be sure to head to the rooftop to snap some Instagram-worthy shots of the surrounding hutongs.


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17 Unique Cafés in Asia To Visit in 2017 (1) 17 Unique Cafés in Asia To Visit in 2017 (1)17 Unique Cafés in Asia To Visit in 2017















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