The Best Travel Hairstyles for Girls On The Road

The Best Travel Hairstyles for Girls On The Road

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Let’s be real. It’s not easy to look flawless when traveling. Once, I was traveling in humid Laos and perfectly straightened my hair. Cue the horror music because 2 minutes later I looked in the mirror and found myself looking like a fuzzy mess. You know those cute little Pomeranians with bows in their hair? Yeah, I looked like that and the opposite of cute. So I set out on a quest to defy this hair madness once and for all. Those Pomeranian days are over – learn how to look flawless while globe trotting with the best travel hairstyles!
The Best Travel Hairstyles for Girls On The Road

#1 Loose Curls

I don’t know about you but sometimes I’m trying hard to get the perfect bun, braid, or whatever it is but it just won’t happen. It also saves me a ton of time on the road to just let my hair down. But to make it look classy and flowy, I like to add some loose curls. I either bring my hair straightener or braid my hair overnight and voilà! The great thing is this hairstyle seems to be quite weather resistant, e.g. the curls stay strong in heat, wind and near the ocean! Doesn’t Christie here just look amazing?

#2 Double Dutch

One of my absolute favorite travel hairstyles for on the go or bad hair days! The Double Dutch braid looks amazing and is not only for those blessed with Kim K-long hair (or extensions). It might take a while to get the hang of it at first, but once you got it down, you will look put together all day long – no matter how extreme the weather conditions!

#3 Low-effort Side Braid

Another one of my easy go-to hairdos for traveling is this excellent variation of a twisted side braid. There are endless options on how you can pull off this style, whether it be with a side bun, side ponytail or a princess-like side braid like Gina here. Plus, when you are at the beach and go for a swim, you will be surprised with playful beach waves after you dry up in the sun!

#4 Bear Hair

This 90s revival is one that I can really embrace (not a fan of the choker renaissance AT ALL). Whoever wears this hairdo will look a hundred times cuter as it transforms you into a fluffy little bear. It’s incredibly easy to style and keeps your hair out of your face, ready to conquer the world.

#5 Half-Up Bun

Another super trendy go-to hairstyle is the half-up bun. This is perfect for all us indecisive power women who cannot stay in one place for too long. The half-up bun is also great for any hair-length and gets the hair out of your face but leaves just enough hanging loose to take advantage of these perfect beach breeze or motorbike wind moments. I also like to do a variation of this hairstyle tying the section of hair without the bun.

BONUS: The Hat

Let’s face it – sometimes stubborn, crazy hairs go wild, even with this repertoire of easy-to-do travel hairstyles. That’s why I always bring a hat. Not only do they add a certain degree of classiness and sophistication to your outfit, they also cover up any greasy and puffy manes.Alternatively, I also like to pack some beanies for colder weather. Do it just like Hannah and get yourself a universal black head ready to be combined with almost any outfit!

And if everything fails… maybe this is the perfect opportunity to go channel your inner Britney or Natalie. 

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5 perfect travel hairstyles 5 perfect travel hairstyles 5 perfect travel hairstyles







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  1. Autumn Ashbough on December 8, 2016 at 3:27 am

    My go-to style is always the pony tail. Fast, easy, and out of my face.

    Also good for persons with lousy fine motor and braiding skills.

  2. Practical Wanderlust on December 26, 2016 at 6:02 am

    You forgot the messy bun! My daily go-to, if I’m being honest 😛

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