The Best Scuba-Diving Spot on Crete Island

The Best Scuba-Diving Spot on Crete Island

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It has always been a dream of mine to try out scuba-diving. I’ve been lucky enough to have gone snorkeling in various corners of the world, including Egypt, Thailand and Hawaii (where I even swam with wild dolphins!). However, scuba-diving is surely on a whole different level. On my recent trip to Crete Island in Greece, I collaborated with Kalypso Dive Center. Their amazing dive instructors let me try out scuba diving in the best scuba-diving spot on Crete!

Here’s Best Scuba-Diving Spot on Crete Island:

The Best Scuba-Diving Spot on Crete Island

Kalypso Dive Center

This dive center is located on the southern coast of Crete Island, on the southernmost part of Europe (after all the blue waters is already Africa)! The center is located on the premises of Kalypso Cretan Village Resort & Spa, a unique place in a remote location. The city of Rethymnon is around 35 km away – this is where I stayed at. The dive center employs professional instructors and divemasters from all over Europe. They are all qualified divers and are able to provide a great variety of different diving experienced in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Hungarian and many more.

Scuba-Diving Spot ON Crete

Scuba-Diving Spot ON Crete

Services and Courses

Since it was my first time scuba-diving, I joined the Discover Scuba Diving experience (€79.50), a whole-day introduction course. The great thing about this course is that you do not require any previous experience in scuba-diving or snorkeling. On top of that, you get to dive with one instructor who is only there with you and no one else. That way, I felt completely safe at all times and was able to fully enjoy the experience.

Before the dive, a briefing prepares you for the dive and makes you familiar with safety measurements. You learn how to use your oxygen tank, how to breathe with it and how to communicate underwater with your instructor. Even though it is a discovery dive, you get to dive up to 10 meters deep and explore the underwater life in the Libyan Sea. At the end of the day, I received a certificate as well as a flash drive with high-quality photos of myself underwater.

Kalypso Dive Center also offers snorkeling, kids diving, night dives and PADI courses! Find more information on their Website.

Scuba-Diving Spot On Crete

Preparing for the Dive

Kalypso staff picked me up early in the morning in front of my hotel and we headed towards the resort. From Rethymnon, the drive took about 45 minutes passing through beautiful scenic valleys and gorgeous in the center of Crete Island. When we got to the premises, the staff explained the daily schedule. First, we would be separated in language groups and obtain a short briefing. There were people from all different nationalities but the multinational staff had no problem communicating with everyone.

To ensure maximum safety through a 1-on-1 dive with a professional instructor, everyone was given a specific time to dive. Since my dive was scheduled for 1pm, I had plenty of time to explore the surrounding areas. Every course participant can take advantage of the Kalypso resort facilities, including the swimming pools, bathrooms and restaurants. I went for a short hike to a platform where I was rewarded with spectacular views of the Libyan Sea.

Scuba-Diving Spot On Crete

Scuba-Diving Spot On Crete

Let’s Get Wet!

At 12:30, I got ready for my dive by putting on my wetsuit and oxygen tank with the help of some staff. Then, my Colombian dive instructor and I made our way into the blue waters. She made sure I remembered the safety signs and then gently took me underwater. She was always right next to me and controlled my oxygen. I was blown away by the gorgeous sea life underwater.

Besides seeing a great variety of different fish, my dive instructor also made me familiar with the underwater flora by letting me touch various sponges and sea plants. The best part was that by touching these plants, they were giving off small particles that attracted a bunch of fish which fed on those particles.

The entire experience lasted for about 1 hour but I didn’t want it to end. I felt complete freedom and peace underwater.

Scuba-Diving Spot On Crete
Scuba-Diving Spot On Crete Scuba-Diving Spot On CreteScuba-Diving Spot On Crete

5 Stars for Kalypso Dive Center

I couldn’t have imagined my first scuba-diving experience to have gone any better! I enjoyed spending time with the professional instructors at Kalypso Dive Center on Crete Island. The course was conducted in a professional manner and I felt safe during the entire experience. That’s why this is the best scuba-diving spot on Crete Island. When I go back to Crete in the future, I will definitely book with Kalypso again.

Love scuba-diving? Save it for later!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own.

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