5 Reasons To Visit Tübingen

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When traveling Europe, many tourists overlook Germany and prefer staying in Spain, France or Italy and if they go for Germany, most of them end of in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. Of course, these cities are amazing but to understand German culture and to get the most out of your experience, you need to look deeper. The perfect place to find your true German experience is Tübingen! The small university city in the state of Baden-Württemberg on the border of France is a romantic city to spend an entire day getting lost in its small cobblestone alleys.

And here’s 5 reasons to visit Tübingen (as if one wasn’t already enough!):



Walking through the old town area of Tübingen, you will soon understand the unique charm of this place. It’s the timbered houses, narrow cobblestone alleys, flower markets and the welcoming people that tie this place together. The true romantic will find inner peace in Tübingen and couples will never want to leave. Especially the famous areas around Holzmarkt, old town hall and Neckar river front are worth a visit.

Tübingen | Linda Goes East



The Architecture

Tübingen is famous for its timbered houses with colorful facades. Some of the most interesting buildings in town include the old city hall, the famous Hölderlin Tower, and the beautiful timbered houses at Holzmarkt.

The iconic Neckarbrücke, the bridge connection two parts of town across the Neckar river, gives you the perfect view of the cityscape of old town. Walking along the riverfront, you will come across unique houses that will take your breath away. Walking deeper into old town, beautiful squares with big churches appear out of nowhere and transform you back in time. Adding to that unique water fountains with impeccable detailed figurines of gods such as Poseidon add to the southern German flair.

Tübingen | Linda Goes East

Tübingen | Linda Goes East

Tübingen | Linda Goes East

Famous People

Tübingen’s Eberhard Karls University, which was founded in 1477, has seen a great number of famous people. The university is one of the oldest in Europe and had a high number of famous students, such as Pope Benedict XVI, former president of Germany Hans Köhler and former German chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger, as well as famous German poets and thinkers like Eduard Mörike, Friedrich Hölderlin, Johannes Kepler and author Herman Hesse. Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe visited and worked in Tübingen in 1797. One of the most famous buildings in town is the Hölderlinturm, where German poet Friedrich Hölderlin lived until his death in 1843.



The Food

Southern Germany is renowned for its local specialties. Tübingen is home to some of the most delicious breads, pastries and cakes in the region. On top of that, you should get a table at the famous Neckarsmüller restaurant overlooking the Neckar river. The beautiful terrace gives you exceptional views of the river and the many “Stocherkahn”, punts, crossing the river. Be sure to order some local “Spätzle”, south German noodles unique to the area and maybe some local beer while you’re here 😉

Tübingen | Linda Goes East

Tübingen | Linda Goes East

The Surrounding Scenery

What makes the city of Tübingen such a great travel destination is the beautiful natural landscape in the areas surrounding the city. The Swabian Mountains give the area a truly unique look with lush valleys and steep mountains. One of my personal highlights is the Hohenzollern Castle, a mere 45-minute car ride away from Tübingen. It is still today the seat of the imperial House of Hohenzollern and sits majestically high atop Hohenzollern Mountain.

Hohenzollern Castle | Linda Goes East

Hohenzollern Castle | Linda Goes East

Hohenzollern Castle | Linda Goes East


Germany has so much more to offer than just the Berlin Wall and Oktoberfest! Don’t make the mistake and overlook romantic and historic places with charm like Tübingen! On top of that, the city is within easy access from major cities such as Stuttgart, Frankfurt or even Munich via public transportation or by car. Come to Tübingen and you will get an unforgettable Germany trip that most tourists miss out on!

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5 Reasons To Visit Tübingen

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