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As a learner of Madarin Chinese, being able to write Chinese characters is a huge part of studying. Even though I learned how to actually write Chinese characters with hours and hours of hard practice, most of the communication I am involved with that requires Chinese characters is all digital: on the computer or smartphone.

However, programs such as Word and PowerPoint only offer limited ways to write in Chinese characters if you have a non-Chinese version installed. This can be quite boring and annoying when creating presentations or simply writing a beautiful letter with Word. That’s why I searched the Internet on how to get beautiful different fonts for your Microsoft bundle! Having Asian fonts on Word is possible!

Chinese Fonts

I worked with a Chinese version of Word and PowerPoint at my job and realized that these versions include just as many different and beautiful fonts like our English or romanized versions. Therefore, I looked up how to get different Chinese fonts to use on my own computer with German Windows installed on it.

Where to get fonts:

All you basically need to do is to download font files (.ttf) and install them. It’s super easy and there are many sites where you can download cool fonts from. A great site for different Chinese fonts is Free Chinese Font“.

This website offers a wide selection of beautiful Chinese fonts. They have different fonts depending on traditional or simplified characters.

How to install:

1. Choose a font of your liking on copy and paste the download link into a new tab.


2. After the download, open the file and click install.


3. You can use the font in word. You can find it under its file font name.

Looking for Korean/Japanese fonts?

There aren’t only Chinese fonts available! If you are learning Japanese or Korean, for instance, try out some beautiful fonts for their letters!

Korean Fonts Japanese Fonts




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