I’m all up for trying new things and making new experiences. This time, I was able to check ‘Be on TV in Korea’ off my bucket list. I was invited to join Arirang TV on a show  called BCruze for an episode on travelers. Arirang TV is an international English-language channel and aims to promote South Korea all over the world.

My Day With BCruze

BCruze consists of four hosts, 2 girls and two guys, who are paired up into groups and compete with one another to produce the funniest show segments. I joined Team A To B, aka Amy and Punita. The show starts off with a live streamed interview in a car. I was rather nervous having what felt like 100 GoPro cameras pointed towards me during the car interview. However, I was super happy that people were watching live and asking interesting questions about traveling, Korea, language learning and blogging. For the second part of the show, we went to Seoul’s Ihwa Mural Village, where we did lots of exploring. Finally, we were given a challenge to find two particular murals, take selfies in front of them and post them on our social media.

If you want to know how the show went and why we are wearing such dorky outfits, watch it below:

How did you like the show?

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