If you travel frequently, airports will become an important place where you spend quite a large amount of time at. Waiting to catch a flight can sometimes seem like a boring waste of time, but there are airports where you can actually use your time and make the most out of it. The best airports in the world combine cleanliness, modern architecture and comfort. The next time you book a flight, consider this list of the best airports in the world to make your stay as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

Here are the top 10 best airports in the World:


#10 Doha Hamad Airport

Doha’s airport is definitely the best in the Middle Eastern region. The gateway to travel to and from Europe and Asia, this airport sees a great amount of travelers from all different backgrounds. Passengers report that they especially love the airport’s modern architecture, cleanliness, efficiency and organization. On top of that, the airport staff is very helpful and gets out of their way to assist you. I’ve been to this airport myself for various layovers when traveling to and from China and can only agree with these opinions.

#9 Kansai International Airport

Osaka’s international airport was actually even voted to have the world’s best baggage delivery service. According to a survey, people arriving at Kansai International Airport received their checked luggage very promptly after landing. Personally, I find this to be a very important aspect of traveling. Who wants to wait for luggage when you’re traveling on a tight schedule?

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#8 London Heathrow

London’s largest airport is not only amongst the top 10 best airports in the world, but also the number 1 when it comes to airport shopping. The airport is also extremely easy to navigate and connected with London via the underground. Definitely one of the best airports in Europe!


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#7 Zurich Airport

Not only does this airport have excellent food options for all tastes, but is is also modern and clean. Add to that cool shops and you won’t get bored when you have to spend a couple of hours here. On top of that, the airport staff is great and helpful and there are many indications and signs throughout the airport, making it easy to find your way around quickly. That’s also an aspect of traveling/flying that I find extremely important. Sometimes when I am at an airport for a layover, I find it hard to find my way to the next terminal or gate. But Zurich seems to be doing a wonderful job with just that, saving everyone a little bit of time and energy!

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#6 Centrair Airport Nagoya

I was surprised to see this small airport on the list but the opinions all speak for themselves. This airport in Nagoya is conveniently located 35 minutes away from Nagoya central Meitetsu train station. It is also relatively small sized, which allows for a quick way in and out. On top of that, the airport is not crowded but has a relaxing atmosphere. The best part: lots of delicious food and local souvenirs!

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#5 Hong Kong Intl. Airport

I’ve been to the airport in Hong Kong a few times when flying out of China and always had a positive experience. I can understand why it is among the best airports in the world. Visitors especially love the the modern architecture and design which gives off a comfortable feeling. The variety of different restaurants and lounges is also one of the strongest points at Hong Kong Intl. Airport.

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#4 Tokyo Intl. Haneda

Tokyo’s airport has been a favorite among passengers for quite a while. Its great location, amenities and easy movement from check-in to security and departure gate make traveling a lot easier here. The Royal Park hotel is brilliant for early flights as it’s a few minutes walk from the hotel entrance to the check-in counters. Just check your bags in and then go back to your hotel room for a shower and breakfast before checking out and going through security. On top of that, how beautiful are the traditional Japanese stores inside the airport? Makes you feel like you are actually out sightseeing in Tokyo!

#3 Munich Airport

This is my home airport and the one I have spent the most time at. I have to say, there rarely is an airport that I love as much as this one. What I enjoy the most are the many food options available before and after the security check. The staff has also always been professional and extremely friendly. One of the airport’s many features are “napcabs”, where you can simply take some rest during a layover. There is also a beer garden located at Munich airport, what better way than spending your layover in Germany than at a beer garden?!

30 Euro for two hours (to take a nap) in this pink room.

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#2 Incheon Intl. Airport

Seoul’s biggest airport is another airport I frequently visit as I live in South Korea now. I think Korea did a wonderful job showcasing their beautiful culture in this airport. The airport houses a cultural center and museum featuring various aspects of Korean culture. On top of that are the food and shopping facilities at the airport very big and offer international and local brands.

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#1 Singapore Changi

Passangers at Singapore’s Changi Airport seem to have fallen in love with it. There is plenty of space, food that’s better than half decent, bars, shops, duty free, places to sleep, free leg massage units, a koi pond and a butterfly room. In fact, this airport is such a peaceful and serene place that your flight will be ready for boarding before you know it, leaving you wishing that you had just a little longer to enjoy the environment. Changi is way too good to be an airport. There is amazing art and waterfalls as you walk in and friendly staff to check you in. Singapore’s Changi Airport deserves to be the world’s best airport!

And check out the food they have on their official instagram page!

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A Guide To The Top 10 Best Airports in The World A Guide To The Top 10 Best Airports in The World

  • Great post! Glad Heathrow is on the list.

    • Linda D.

      Right? Is Heathrow your home airport?

  • 黃愛玲

    My favourite airport is the Taoyan international airport. I’ve always had a good experience there.

  • I have been to Changi airport , it is so beautiful. Time just flies seeing all things there.
    I have been to couple of other cities mentioned here by road but not at the airports.

  • Michelle

    Possibly the only airport I’m happy to have a long layover with!