On Saturday, March 5th, 2016, one of my biggest dreams finally came true: I saw BIG BANG live in concert! I attended the second day of their three-day final concert marathon in Seoul to end their World Tour “Made”, which started end of April of last year. Ever since they came out with their new album and went on the tour, I knew there was going to be a final concert in Seoul and I would have to see it! 

Here’s my experience from buying tickets to exciting the Olympic Stadium after the spectacle and I even included videos from the concerts at the end!

Big Bang

Getting Tickets

Tickets for the three day final concerts went on sale on three different days for the concerts on March 4, 5 and 6:

Mar. 4th concert – 2016.02.02(TUE) @ 8:00pm(KST)
Mar. 5th concert – 2016.02.03(WED) @ 8:00pm(KST)
Mar. 6th concert – 2016.02.04(THU) @ 8:00pm(KST)

I knew it was going to be hard to get tickets but my friend and I convinced our boyfriends to help us and they also recruited some helpers who would be waiting in front of their computers or in a PC room for the clock to strike 8 PM and click “BUY”.

Despite all the people who helped us and us trying to get tickets on all three days – WE DID NOT MANAGE TO GET ANY! Tickets were sold out in a matter of SECONDS. It was simply impossible.

Our hearts shattered, we found a site where you can buy tickets off of people. The site is called “Auction” and so I managed to buy a ticket for 240,000 KRW for the Saturday performance (original price 110,000 KRW). My friend on the other hand, was unable to find a cheap ticket for Saturday and wasn’t able to go to the concert at all!

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Seats vs. Standing

I was used to standing for hours straight when at a concert. In Korea, however, it is very common for the audience to have seats and only the front zones are standing areas. I only managed to get a ticket on the third floor of the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium, where all three final concerts were held.

My seat was in section “40”, which ran for 240,000 KRW+ on the auction website. If you wanted to get tickets in the front zones, prices would be in the 1,000 – 2,000 USD range. It was absolutely insane.

The Concert

The concert on Saturday started at 6pm and kicked off with a short film featuring the group and explaining the “story” of the show. Throughout the concert, different clips were shown continuing the story and giving the members time to change into new outfits or make stage changes possible.

Big Bang performed 19 songs during the show which also included solo tracks such as G-Dragon’s “Crooked”, Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” and their duet song “Bad Boy”. Seungri, Daesung and T.O.P also performed their most successful solo tracks. 

Even though my seat was far away from the stage I was still able to see them and was completely drawn in and fangirling hard! It was absolutely amazing and all of the members gave it their all. What I really liked about the show was that all of the took a lot of time simply talking to the crowd and telling us about their experience and feelings during the tour and future projects. They also tried to make the audience laugh and performed silly dances or mocked each other to amuse the crowd. Simply adorable.

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Crazy But Quiet Fans

The entire three-day event attracted over 39,000 people from all over the world. I spotted tons of Japanese, Chinese and Southeast Asian fans but also Western fans streamed to the concert. I spoke to two Chinese girls from Xiamen who told me they flew in just for the concert and even bought Saturday and Sunday tickets with rehearsal access.

Each night, the concert was video streamed live worldwide on the Chinese “Tencent” site and Korea’s “V App” by Naver. A total of 3.62 million views came in from the V App alone.

Even though their concert attendance outnumbers Taylor Swift’s and even Justin Bieber’s, Korean fans do not go as crazy as I knew if from concerts in the West. After each song the round of applause was kept quite short and when the artists speaking there was no heckling going on, which was quite nice and I assume it’s a a sign of respect. However, during the songs the fans sang loudly even including their official chants in between song breaks.


Big Bang in The Future

The biggest fear of the fans right now is that Big Bang’s days are over due to the compulsory military service in Korea which require all men to complete 20 months’ duty before they reach their 32nd birthday, an age the members are fairly close to. However, during the concert they announced that there will be a 10-year anniversary open-air show this summer in Korea.



I absolutely loved the concert and the members are totally awesome live singers and know how to interact with the audience. If I get a chance to see them in concert again, I won’t have to think twice!


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