Welcome to the second post of the “Foodie Friday” series! What better food to mention first than delicious Korean BBQ? The following BBQ restaurant I am introducing offers beef, pork and a small variety of seafood BBQ and it has been by far my favorite BBQ place here in Korea!




The restaurant is called “Bullso” 불소식당 and can be found all over Korea. Simply search for the Korean or English keyword in Google or Naver maps and you will find the nearest Bullso to you.

If you’re traveling Korea, you might want to check out Bullso in Seoul in Singok-dong, Dongpae-dong or Samsan-dong.



I usually prefer the beef meat selection Bullso has to offer. There are different sets depending on how many people you are eating with and what kind of meat you like. The options are basically endless. When eating out just the two of us or in a group of friends, we usually end up paying 15,000 – 20,000 KRW ($15-$20) per person for the set.

There is a “salad” bar where you can get all the usual Korean side dishes from. I also like to order delicious 된장찌개 Doenjang jjigae, a stew-like Korean traditional dish for an additional 2,000 KRW ($2). What I especially like is the complementary “ddeok” which is also grilled next to the meat. It’s impeccable.









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Bullso is a great place if you are looking for some decent beef BBQ or if you visit Korea and don’t have your favorite corner restaurant. The quality of the meat is really good and the staff does a very good job helping you to enjoy your meal. 


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What’s your favorite Korean BBQ place?