Wow, time really flies: I have been living in South Korea for 100 days already! I’ve enjoyed (almost) every minute of it and can call this my new home now. I like my new friends, my new job and, most importantly, I can be with my fiancé Jeongsu! Life has been truly good here. This post is to give you an overview of what I did in my 100 days in South Korea and why I love living here.

Culture and Traditions

Right after I came to Korea, people celebrated “Buddha’s Birthday”, which is one of the biggest holidays in the country. I wrote about my experience during the holiday in a previous post. I’m fascinated by Asian cultures and buddhism. One of the reasons I love living here is that I can experience local events and holidays that don’t exist back home.


You’ve probably noticed, I am a huge foodie and love trying new food from all over the world. Korean food was not my favorite when I first met Jeongsu back in California 2 years ago. Now, I love it and can’t get enough. Fried chicken, bulgogi, kimchi and co. are on my plate every day. The flavors are so well put together and Korean side dishes, called banchan, offer something for everyone!


Living 1,5 hours by bus from Seoul is great. I love Cheongju, a mid-sized city and capital of Chungcheongbuk-do Province, but sometimes it’s just nice to venture to the capital and induldge in all the things Seoul has to offer. Let it be cultural sights, restaurants or for shopping – Seoul is no. 1. I went on a day trip to Seoul and visited the Changdeokgung palace (the smaller palace of the two in Seoul) and went shopping in Hongdae (downtown area). I love getting a bus for 8,000 won ($8) and take a day trip to the capital.

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ESL Teaching

I love being a teacher. I enjoy seeing my kids everyday and it’s been a really fulfilling job. Seeing my kids improve with their English and as a person is a truly rewarding experience. However, some days can be quite tough and the kids can be a handful. Nevertheless, I don’t regeret working as a teacher here in South Korea and I can recommend it to anyone!

No More Long-Distance Relationship!

The most important reason why I have loved these past 100 in Korea so much is the fact that I can see Jeongsu much more often. We are basically leading a “normal” relationship instead of living in two different countries and time zones thousands of miles apart. It’s been a truly rewarding time and improtant for our relationship to grow.

Here’s to many more memories in South Korea!

  • rae

    It must be such an amazing experience to live abroad and be teaching english. It’s really great that being in Korea also means you can be closer to your boyfriend.

    Just a question – were you raised in the US or Germany? It’s kind of funny because I am a Korean-American (adopted) living in Germany, so we kind of have the same countries here just in different orders. I have always wanted to go back to Korea and experience living there at some point in my life. I do not know much about the culture, but I am so eager to learn all about it.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • Wow that’s such an interesting combination! My mom’s German, my dad’s American. I was born and raised in Germany but went to college in America! what are you doing in Germany>?

      • rae

        Ah interesting. Was it a big change for you when you came to America? I move here after college for an internship and haven’t left since! I am now working for a start up doing design work and freelancing with my photography 🙂

  • Rafiqua Israel

    Lovely lovely 🙂 It’s nice having you in Korea! Also digging those couple Ts 😉

  • Jaclyn Chua-Park

    I can totally relate! I was in a LDR with my husband before we finally settled down and it was the best decision ever because we were finally together. LDRs are hard!
    Welcome to South Korea! ^^

    • thank you so much Jaclyn! Where do you guys live now? 🙂

  • Laura Nalin

    Congratulations on the 100 days! I’m glad to read you’re enjoying yourself. You and your man are too cute – glad you can spend more time together as I’m sure it was difficult before. I hope you continue to have a wonderful time in this quirky country =)