It’s the day of the days.

I’m leaving China today and embark on a new journey into a new adventure in South Korea! I’ve been loving living in China and exploring this country and culture of paradoxons but I decided to move on and be with the love of my life; who happens to be from Korea. Don’t worry, I will still continue to write about China in many different ways but naturally, South Korea will become a much bigger part on this blog.

In the past weeks, I said goodbye to many of the new friends I made here in Changsha and I also traveled through Yunnan province and Laos with my mom who came to visit me and help me with the move. I will be posting detailed articles about Yunnan and Laos shortly, no worries 😉


What awaits me?

I’ll be working in ESL teaching for the time being. It’s not a career I planned to work in but I am enjoying it and find it fullfilling. However, my future might hold other things for me… I will be living around 1.5 hours south of Seoul in the beautiful university city of Cheongju, capital of Chungcheongbukdo Province. It’s my fiancé’s hometown and a wonderful middle-sized city in South Korea.

I’m over the moon to finally being able to be close to Jeongsu and have a “normal” relationship, which means seeing each other any time we want to. Being in a long-distance relationship was one of the hardest things to go through but also brought us closer together.

Will I be back?

I call China my first love. And who can ever forget their first love? Since I got a 10-year China visa, I will be back for sure! There are still so many places in China I want to visit such as Tibet, Sanya, and all different parts in the West.

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Linda Living in ….. Korea?

I am planning on changing the official name of the blog and site just to avoid confusion of new followers and readers. However, I am not 100% sure what name I should use in the future. Therefore, I am calling out a challenge to all of you to leave a comment below of an idea of a new name of the blog! 🙂

So I see you all from Korea! Stay tuned for more posts and videos about my new adventures!

To be continued…


  • Maria Deng

    Linda Takes On Korea!

  • Winter 冬

    Linda living in Korea seems like the natural new name for the blog if I’m honest :3

    • thanks for your idea 🙂

  • I am stealing from The Love Blender, but: Third Culture Kid in Korea! (Although with Korea it’s more like four cultures for you.)

    Or maybe “Chameleon in Korea?”

    • wow so many great ideas!!!! THANK YOU!

  • Suigetsu

    “Linda Living in Korea”… Like Winter said, it seems the natural progression from your current blog and it will provide some sorta continuity between your past and future experiences.

    • Thanks for commenting! Yes, it does make sense!

  • Incase you have to move again somewhere else in Asia: LindalivinginAsia. haha I don’t know. I am awful at this.

    • thanks Eileen for your ideas!!!

  • Probably not any specific country name, or even Asia, for the new blog name. Who knows, you might move to Europe or Australia next. Maybe, Linda Conquering The World? That sounds bad ass, but impressive I suppose? 😉

    • hehehe i think you’re right! who knows what’s next? it’s badass for sur! thanks!

  • I am with CL on this one!! More generic is the way to way!

    • i think so aswell! Thanks Constance!