During university in California, I happened to fall in love with a Korean man. Not because I “had a thing” for Asians (or maybe a little) but because of who he is. Jeongsu and I have been together ever since and even got engaged back in December. Overall, we are a couple just like others. However, his background does sometimes play a role in why I am so attracted to him. That’s why I present to you 5 advantages of dating a Korean man!


5. Great Home Cooking

Before I met Jeongsu, I never had Korean food and I must admit, in the beginning I wasn’t particularly a fan of it. However, I soon discovered the delicious variety of Korean dishes and can call Tteokbokki, Kimchi and Jjigae my favorites now. When dating a Korean man, you can always enjoy the deliciousness of Korean cousine home-made! Even if your boyfriend/spouse isn’t a master chef, he probably knows how to cook the basics!

Raw fish dish!
Raw fish dish!

4. Male Fashionista

I really appreciate how fashionable Korean men are. Most of the men in Korea have really high opinions on fashion and their looks which is due to the country’s overall importance on beauty. But who doesn’t love a well-dressed man who takes care of his appearance? Sure, I’m sometimes puzzled about how he can manage to take more time in the bathroom than me but, hey, at least he doesn’t look sloppy! The newest fashion trends, hairstyles and more – Korean guys know it and live it!

Posing 🙂


3. Cute Couple Things

Korea puts great emphasis on its couple culture. From cute couple days each month to couple clothes, there’s nothing left out! If you are the romantic type, the Korean couple culture won’t disappoint you! It’s one of the few East Asian countries where a healthy dose of PDA isn’t frowned apon and couples love to show they belong together. Jeongsu and I do have matching outfits and couple rings (now engagement rings) and we celebrate every 100 days of our relationship as well as the 1-year anniversary. It’s a big deal in Korea – and it should be. It’s great to keep your relationship special!

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Sticker photos!



2. Korean Culture

Before I met Jeongsu, I didn’t know a lot about Korea. I knew its capital was Seoul and that Gangnam Style comes from there but that was about it. Now, I really embrace the newest Kpop hits, fangirl over Big Bang and call 2NE1’s CL my “idol”. I could binge-watch on Korean dramas and eat Korean food everyday and oh, don’t get me started on Korean fashion and make-up! As for all other multi-cultural couples out there, the biggest advantage is that you get to experience a new culture, completely different to your own!

Do Min Joon <3
Do Min Joon <3

1. Romance, romance and romance

Korean guys usually aren’t as the ones portayed in Korean dramas but still they are very romantic. Being such a couple culture, Korea even trumps it with its passion for love songs and karaoke. Most of the Koreans love to spend a night out at a karaoke place (noraebang) and sing the cheesiest love songs. Who doesn’t love being serenaded?

Don’t be surprised when your Korean date carries your bag for you. Jeongsu even prevented my clothes from getting dirty when we sat on a bench and put one of his English textbooks on it to sit for me. He waited for me in the streetcar on my way to school and surprised me. He cooked me breakfast and Korean dinner every time I stayed at his place. The list is endless…

inside Insadong Shopping Center
inside Insadong Shopping Center

Girls, why don’t you date a Korean guy?



  • I wish Sing was more into the ‘cute stuff’, but since he spent way too much time among Western people he is always so afraid people will judge him or say ‘that’s so gay’ 🙁
    as the advantage of dating a Korean man I would add ‘being able to get all the Korean beauty products that are not available on eBay and most of the online stores’ 😀

  • I can relate to #3,4,&5 (even though my fiancé is Japanese, it’s on a similar level). Amazing food, guys who take particular care of their looks, and couple things are definitely benefits in dating! It’s great that Jeongsu is so romantic! I’m curious as to what the Korean view of PDA is?

  • Suigetsu

    Dara > CL! 🙂

    Personally, I find that K-pop appears refreshing
    at first but after a while you realise that it’s generally overproduced
    and rather plastic. J-pop, to me, is more diverse and interesting.
    Occasionally, however, you’ll get a gem like this from K-pop:

    But I wouldn’t quite classify it as K-pop and the band would probably be insulted by that

    • This video does not exist. o-o

    • Passingthru

      What does this have to do with music?? Since you brought it up.
      Jpop sucks. It caters to preteens or perverted old men. Can”t sing or dance either. No wonder Kpop is way more popular.

      • annyeongkala

        Lmao, agreed.

  • Leah

    My boyfriend is from Seoul and I am from Australia. We are in a long distance relationship now because he’s still in the army and I’m back at uni. I hope to reach out to anyone in a similar situation to exchange experiences!