I have found that dating an Asian man is not so much different from dating any other man… Men are men. But there are certainly a few key differences due to their cultural background and how they were brought up! In this vlog I present to you 4 key facts about dating an Asian guy compared to a Western man.



Do you agree with these 4 facts?
What would you add to the list? 

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  • 1. I so agree! 😛 My boyfriend is South African born Taiwanese, but his parents are still very traditional and he was raised with those beliefs. Like me, he wasn’t too social growing up and therefore didn’t get a lot of Western influence. When we were dating for about a month, he was already talking about marriage and kids! I was a little confused at first but then I understood why 😛 Now it doesn’t phase me anymore but my friends still don’t get how I am okay with it! LOL.

    2. That whole mother thing! Haha. Sooooo true! 😀 lol. About a month after we started dating, his mother straight up told him that she doesn’t like me. Why? Because I am not skinny. -.- I’m average for a Caucasian girl. It’s taken months now, but she’s slowly starting to accept me but on occasion, she hints that I still don’t have full approval. Thank goodness I know quite a few girls who are in AMWF relationships, and some who are already married- so having their support helps a lot 😀 haha.

    Sorry for the long comment 😀 but what you said is soooo true 😀

    • haha thanks! I am sure she will get better in the future! don’t worry!