Here it is, my post about my second trip to South Korea. I was so lucky to be able to visit this beautiful country for the second time this year. Since Jeongsu and I focused on the Seoul area the last time, we decided to go south for this trip. We spent a wonderful few days in the city of Busan. In this post, I will show you the major sights of the city and lots of insider tips on where to go, what to do and eat!

About Busan

Busan. photo credit by me
Busan. photo credit by me

Busan seemed like a great choice since it’s Korea’s second largest city and located at the ocean. At the same time, Busan is the closet city to Japan with about 49.5 km (31 mi) to Tsushima Island and about 180 km (112 mi) to Fukuoka.

From the beginning of the 15th century, the Korean government designated Busan as a trading port with the Japanese and allowed their settlement. Other Japanese settlements in Ulsan and Jinhae diminished later, but the Busan settlement, called Waegwan at the time, continued until Japan invaded Korea in 1592.

During the Korean War, Busan was one of only two cities in South Korea not captured by the North Korean army within the first three months of the War, as a result the city became a refugee camp site for Koreans during the war, along with Daegu.

What To Do

 Haeundae Beach

This area is Busan’s most popular beach with a 12-km long coastline. The district around it also features lots of great restaurants, bars, clubs and shopping possibilities. This is why we decided to book our hotel in this area. The location is perfect for a great time – night and day. Additionally, the famous Busan Film Festival was held in the same spot so we got to see lots of the stuff that was going on, such as exhibitions, live bands and more.

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What to eat in Haeundae

Green Tea Bingsu
Green Tea Bingsu

Wicked Snow Bingsu: This Bingsu place serves a delicious range of famous Korean shaved ice dessert. We had the Green Tea version. It’s located in a side street just behind Haeunde beach. Check out the exact location here. There is also a Wicked Snow restaurant located in Hongdae, Seoul.

Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ: This is not unique to Busan but everywhere in Korea. It’s super delicious meat (beef, pork, chicken) perfectly roasted on a grill at the table. Dipped into different sauces and eaten with banchan (Korean side dishes), this dish is ideal for dinner after a day of sightseeing.

SEAFOOD: Busan is famous for high-quality seafood and fish dishes! Be aware that most of these dishes are served raw. However, you can still find cooked and fried seafood. You can find many Seafood restaurants all over Busan but the best ones are in Haeundae.


All fish used for the dishes are fresh and prepared right after you order it.


What to Do

Haeundae is great for hanging at the beach, sunbathing and swimming. But what if you are going outside summer season like me? You can still have a great time! Wander around the beach, enjoy the beautiful sunset, wander along the many side streets, go shopping and try lots of great seafood!

Busan Tower and Jagalchi Fish Market

When you go to Busan, you should definitely go on top of the Busan Tower. Just like the famous Namsan Tower in Seoul, you will get a great 360-view of the entire city! Also just like in Seoul, happy couples put up love locks at the Busan Tower for everlasting love.

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Since Busan is famous for its seafood, a visit to the Jagalchi  fish market is a must! I got fascinated by the huge variety of fish, crustaceans and everything else the sea has to offer. The “penis” seaworm was a very special sight for me! 😀

You can even choose your food and have it specially prepared on the 2nd floor right at the market!

More to see

Of course, this is not all Busan has to offer. I will publish a second post on more beautiful spots in Busan soon! 

Have you ever been to Busan?
Which place do you like best?

  • It looks really nice there however any place with too much sea food is scaring me away! I am just no good with that kind of food :p

  • Ri

    Busan looks like a lovely city, and I knew it was close to Japanーbut I never realized it was *that* close!
    Lovely pictures that I want to make a sensible comment about, but my eyes are repeatedly drawn back to the sea worm. I never knew these existed, and I am amazed. (Mostly by my puerile humor… ^^;)
    The beach looks lovely tooーwhat was the temperature like when you were there?

  • the love seat is so cute!

  • Love the photos 🙂

    • Thank you! Have you been there? Where in Korea do you live?

      • Yeah I have been here many times. I live in Korea on the east coast in Pohang, and travel to Daegu to visit my boyfriends on the weekends. 🙂

        • ah i see! is it nice? my boyfriend lives in Cheongju! have you ever been there?

  • Mélodie

    Nice pictures ^^ ! I was in Busan in August 2011 and it was awfully crowded at 해운대 Beach :’) I still remember that I was quite amused to see all these people bathing in the sea with yellow float rings and wearing t-shirts to swim. But seriously if you want to swim and sunbathing in August, I think it’s not the best place to go. I would rather recommend Jeju Island or even Ulsan (I loved Ulsan by the way..). I also went dining in a nice panorama restaurant in Busan with a nice view on harbour, but i forgot the name… have to ask my friends… ^^

    • sounds great! i definitely want to go to Jeju next time! 🙂 and Ulsan is on the list as well 🙂 Where are you at the moment?

      • Jeju in Summertime is so much fun! I’m moving my blog to another web service at the moment, but i still have some pics on it Your pictures will be awesome, can’t wait to see them 😉
        I learnt Hangul because I also had a Korean BF. I stayed there 2 months to learn korean and then went back home but continued to study hangul. This year I however started to learn Chinese and went 6 months to Shanghai! Now I just came back home… to Switzerland. Like you my heart is lost between these two countries 😉

        • what a great story! i will definitely read your blog! make sure to let me know the new url once you changed it 🙂

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  • Mark

    Hi Linda,

    Nice blog and some great photos of Busan. What was your favourite place in Busan? Both Haeundae and Gwangalli Beach are great anytime of the day especially Gwangalli at night which makes Busan a perfect spot for a weekend get-a-way 🙂

    Next time you visit Busan, here are a few places I recommend in Busan:

    Hows learning Chinese compared to Korean?

    Thanks for sharing this info btw.